Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

Increase airflow and reduce humidity and condensation in your warehouse with warehouse ceiling & loading dock fans. 

Ceiling Fans

Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech Fan

Product Details

  • Ranges in size from 8 to 24 feet in diameter and can cover an area up to 240 ft in diameter
  • Cools the area in the summer up to 30% greater coverage
  • Warm spaces in winter using recommended reverse rotation
  • Decrease airborne pollutants
  • Save money on heating & cooling costs & HVAC equipment repairs
  • Protects equipment and inventory from humidity
  • Circulate air flow from one area to another
  • Reduce condensation


  • 15-year warranty:  motor, gearbox & hub

Available Options

  • 8′, 12′, 16′ 20′ or 24′ diameter fan
  • Top Chord, Bottom Chord, Z-Purlin or Wood beam mounts
  • ABB ASC250 VFD/ASC355 VFD/Custom Controllers
  • Optional remote keypad
  • Color Options:  Black, Orange, Green, Yellow, White, Red, Blue & Silver

Dock Fans

Patterson TC Truck Cooler Fan

Product Details

  • Designed to purge a truck trailer in just over 2 minutes of heat, gas, odor, etc.
  • 14″ or 17″ diameter
  • Fan Inlet/Outlet:  16 gauge spun steel
  • Spiral Wound Steel finger guards
  • 1800-2700 Sq Feet coverage


  • 2-Year warranty

Available Options

  • 14″ or 17″ diameter
  • Custom colors
Go Fan Yourself

At Bode we want more than just your current project, we want to build a relationship and become your trusted partner for all of your dock and door needs. We strive to be courteous, punctual and flexible. We offer turn-key proposals including design and layout, materials, unloading, installation, service, dumpsters and more to meet your every need.  We can handle one aspect or the entire project, and strive to meet all deadlines with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Bode Dock and Door Solutions is a division of Bode Equipment Company with offices in NH and MA. To learn more about Bode click here

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Things To Consider

Do you need us to provide the following?

  • -- Unloading
  • -- Take Down of Existing Materials
  • -- Disposal
  • -- Installation
  • -- Concrete Work
  • -- Framing
  • -- Electrical Work
  • -- Permits
  • -- Training
  • -- Lift Equipment

At Bode, we are fully equipped to provide you with all the necessary services/equipment needed for your project.  Click the link below to request a site visit/quote for your application. 

Bode Material Handling

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