Reasoning behind the Devices As of April 1, 2018, the trucking industry has seen a major change to its operation.

Steel Tariff on Foreign Importers The United States has recently implemented a 25% tariff on foreign steel being imported into

With all the new factors influencing the material handling industry you may or may not have heard of the government’s

Since 1975, Bode Equipment Company has provided loading dock and overhead door sales and service to our clients throughout New England.  We

Things To Consider

Do you need us to provide the following?

  • -- Unloading
  • -- Take Down of Existing Materials
  • -- Disposal
  • -- Installation
  • -- Concrete Work
  • -- Framing
  • -- Electrical Work
  • -- Permits
  • -- Training
  • -- Lift Equipment

At Bode, we are fully equipped to provide you with all the necessary services/equipment needed for your project.  Click the link below to request a site visit/quote for your application. 

Bode Material Handling

Bode Dock and Door Solutions is a division of our parent company, Bode Material Handling.  Visit our main website at: